2nd Twin

The second of the ‘twins’ presented to school in exactly the same way as the first – lethargic, uninterested, de-motivated and ‘switched off’.

However, upon further discussion and questioning, this guy was facing as totally different issue.

He is motivated, he has a purpose and an aim for his life but it doesn’t involve or need school – or at least he can’t see how he needs school. A career in the performing arts is his goal. The next step is to enrol in a performing arts academy to study his craft and his acceptance will be based on interview and audition. The logical conclusion to his reasoning is that academic study is of no use and ion some measure he may be right.

My discussions began to centre on the soft/people skills that are available to him at school. Whilst he may not see the need for scientific study of the human body or the benefits of learning about religion in society there are still things school offers that he needs.

  • How do you cope with authority? Are there similarities between having to do what the teacher tells you and dealing with a director who wants you to play a scene the ‘wrong way’ (in your opinion)?
  • How cognisant (I did have to explain that word) are you with human group dynamics? Are there observations you may make around the classroom and school yard that could be useful in working in teams or large groups?
  • Are there specific people that you can closely observe to learn about body language, mannerisms? People with a better understanding of vocabulary that you can learn from? Teachers that have had life experiences that would be willing to share with you?
  • What about your need for self discipline and the skill of working through difficult patches and finishing a project.

Of course there are also people who may well be willing to work with you to understand your options for future courses, ways in which you can develop your performing skills whilst still in school and also those who might coach you in life to ensure a greater success of reaching your goal.
Seems better to me than lazing around, doing the minimum, waiting for ‘you big break’ and training yourself to do nothing.

I ended our chat with an offer to help him – but I didn’t want an answer there And then because I feared I could easily ‘talk him into it’ – so I suggested he come back to me in a few days ……. maybe, one day, he will.

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