A complex mixture

In some ways I am highly similar to every other human being on the planet and yet at the same time I feel unique. Similar in physical characteristics [the standard two arms, two legs, one mouth etc.]; similar emotionally in that I feel happy and content and then anxious and frustrated; similar socially in that [as a male of the species] I have friends but equally can live extended periods without them -and so on.

I am similar too in that I have dreams, aspirations, goals, desires – don’t we all? But I think I am unique in the blend of interests that motivate me to going the extra mile, to serving others to helping people find a better way.

I am heavily committed to young people – giving them opportunities to find themselves, achieve their wildest dreams and to have the best life they could ever have. I understand enough to know that parents are the greatest influence in a young person’s life and therefore I want to support them in their quest. Along the way that involves me helping them get organised and manage their time and supporting them with their public speaking skills.

At least it helped me choose the categories for this blog!

Over time I will be introducing you to many people – young and old and how they work through their life issues and head towards their dreams. I will value your comments- criticisms even.

So – welcome and thanks for having me on your screen.

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