Who is Nigel?

Nigel LaneNigel Lane is a husband (since 1977), a father (since 1978), a youth worker (since 1991), a grandfather (since 1996) and over those years has learnt the theory and tried the practice of parenting. His three greatest successes came from his three greatest challenges (isn’t that always the case?) and he still talks to them all regularly – Rebecca, Adam and Beth.

Nigel and Jan (his wife and mother of the same three children) spent time working on Parent Teenagers’ and have delivered it on numerous occasions both in the UK and Australia. Nigel has worked with young people, youth workers and parents in many countries of the world – North America, Japan, Europe, and Australasia.

In his youth work career, Nigel spent time working inside a number of schools, both as an occasional visitor, a regular contractor and even a full time employee. He understands how schools tick and how you as a parent can work together for the best interests of your son or daughter.

For several years, Nigel was a chaplain inside a Young Offenders Institution so he has also worked with young people looking at the world from the bottom up.

He speaks to several young people and/or families individually every week to help them realise their potential and achieve their dreams. In addition, he has hundreds of conversations online with both young people he has never met and those he has known for over fifteen years. Nigel mentors young people from all walks of life – school captains, ex-convicts, law degree students, youth ministers and regular high schoolers – the list could go on.