An unforgettable and please an unrepeatable day

As a youth worker I have been asked on more than one occasion to take part, lead even, the funeral of a departed grandparent. Jonathan wanted an outdoor service in Nan’s front garden with Aaron’s family taking a more conventional approach.

Very occasionally [thankfully], I have attended and contributed to a young person’s funeral. However, this week was a first [and last hopefully] for me – I attended two services on the same day for two former students who died within 24 hours of each other – both of them unexpected.

Robert, aged 21, died because his pancreas burst and Darcy, aged 18, died in a car accident. Two lives, too young, too tragic.

As you might imagine, the young people who knew them are hurting and asking life’s big, tough [often unanswerable] questions.

There are many possible lessons to be drawn from the tragedies and numerous comments and answers that can be made.

But I just want to say: Rob – you were a great guy to know, full of life, fun and kind words; Darcy – thanks for your contribution in Pinnacle, your life continues to inspire mine.

My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.

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