Back to School – 2

Back to School

Well, how is it going? Have they begun to settle in? Of course if they come home and say everything is great then they are either young (don’t you just love the child’s acceptance and ability to look on the bright side) or they could not be telling you everything.

I suggest that this weekend you spring a surprise on them – give them a treat they weren’t expecting to celebrate the end of the first week (or part week) on the new school year. Get a Friday Night pizza delivered or go out for a weekend breakfast. Splurge.

Use the time to have a D+M (deep and meaningful chat) about school, the year ahead and how it’s all going to work out. Come at it from the frame of mind that you want to know how you can serve them to have the best year they could ever wish for. Talk through extra-curricular opportunities and how they may need to choose wisely, discuss friendships and sleep-overs and parties and how you want them to have fun but also to do well in school. Ask them how you can help them do their homework – would they like you to feed them before they work or after?

This isn’t about letting them off chores or removing their responsibilities onto you but it is about listening, understanding and agreeing the way forward.

Trust me – you will refer back to this time and again as the year goes on – why not even make it a ritual at the end of every term’s first week?

Let me know how your went – comment below or jump over to my Facebook page

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