Back to School – part 1

Well it’s that time of year again – end of the summer holidays and the start of a new school year – for some of you the start of a new school! This can be quite a stressful time for both the student and the parent (and give a thought too for the teachers!) This is quite normal and could include some social stress – meeting up with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time in a while, or worrying about whether the friendship circles may have changed – maybe even concerned to see if the bully is back and continuing their ways. Maybe they are hoping for a change of teacher in a certain subject – o

Back to School

r exactly the opposite.

Older students may have been given some homework to do during the holidays and the stress compounds as they suddenly realise they have only hours left to complete days of work. Whatever the cause there are a few things we can do to make it easier and not add to the pressure.

Show them a good example of preparation – not waiting until the morning or just the night before to find their lunch box or PE shorts. Avoid rushing out to the $2 shop to get the missing stationery but have all these things to hand because you planned in advance.

Spend some time making their room ready for study. No doubt over the summer the desk space may have become covered with sporting goods, books, DVD’s and the like. Now would be a great time to get the room tidied and desk cleared ready for the never ending homework.

Check the alarm is in good working order and that bed times have been discussed and agreed. It may be a good idea to gradually bring in these changes as school gets closer. Going from late nights to early mornings in one swoop will just create more hassles.

All they need is a good breakfast, a kiss on the cheek – and off they will go – grumbling? Of course – it is school remember.

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