Top 10 problems

The Top Ten Problems Students Asked For Help With

For many years my work included talking to young people and helping them with their issues in life. I worked in a variety of schools (government, independent, faith-based) predominantly with students of high school age. Reflecting back over that time these are the main problems they wanted to talk about – not in any specific […]

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4 Warning Signs Your School Wellbeing Policies Don’t Cut It

Your school’s policies and procedures (not just those based on wellbeing) will reflect your (or your predecessor’s) views on their purpose. If they are based on the concept that they are a necessary evil then they may be minimal, hidden, and out of date. If originally they were written to “cover your back” then they […]

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Parental Advisory Label

Keeping Them Safe on the Internet

Since the advent of the internet and the increased popularity of its usage in everyday life, many have discovered its potential harm to children. If you want to protect your children from the negative aspects of the internet, you should set rules and guidelines. It is unreasonable to ban them from the use of the […]

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Portrait of smiling family

Well Motivated Children Give You More

Everyone wishes that their child will be the most skillful, organized, well mannered and disciplined child. There is no harm to wish for such traits, in your child, but you need to be a conscientious parent, if you wish to bring out the best in your child. Every child is well equipped with all the […]

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woman in bed awakening

Strategies to Help Get your Teen Out of Bed in the Morning

More times than not, teens have to be forced, coaxed and threatened to get out of bed in the mornings. Research indicates that teenagers need about as much sleep as babies. With the balancing of school, work, sports and friends, however, they don’t get as much time to sleep the days away. With the need […]

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