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I have published 3 books, all are available to buy in print or to download. (The links here are for the download versions – if you want the print version then send me your details)


Every time I write my aim is to give practical options for parents to try immediately. I love understanding the philosophy and theory of parenting BUT if it doesn’t translate to practical suggestions that can be used easily and quickly then I just get frustrated. These books won’t frustrate you rather they will equip you to be an even better parent.



101 Practical Ways to Motivate your Child

This book is crammed with practical, use today, tips to motivate your child in their school work, to do their chores, to live better with their siblings. Literally 101 tips. The book has its own website Motivate My Child where you can find out a loit more, read people’s views and of course buy your own copy (print or download – Australia or Internationally).

Download price: $9.95 Printed Book $20 +postage.

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Facebook – friend or foe? Practical Ways to Keep Young People Safe Online

This booklet is one of the first in a series of practical tips designed to make parenting easier. It specifically looks at online issues (not just Facebook) and how to keep our children safe online – it briefly mentions sexting and cyberbullying although they are covered in more detail in the Cyberbullying booklet below. It includes over 20 specific things to do including details on privacy settings, where to turn for help, reading browser histroy, photographs and more.

Download Price: $4.95 Printed Book: $10 (or 2 for $15) +postage.

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Cyberbullying – how to spot it and stop it.

Bullying has been around for a very long time but with social media bullying is easier, faster, wider audience and is permanent. This booklet gives practical tips on how to spot if your child is the victimn of online harrassment and bullying – and then what to do about it. Inclduing tips on how to work with your school, when to contact the other child’s parents or when to go to the police. The chapters include: Statistics; Bullying; Online Bullying; Sexting; Signs to Look out For; Recommendations for Parents and Recommendations for Young People.

Download Price: $4.95 Printed Book: $10 (or 2 for $15) +postage.

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Additional Resources

I am working on the additional resources for each of the booklets – come back soon and they will be here!


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