I have published 4 books, all are available to buy in print or to download. (The links here are for the download versions – if you want the print version then send me your details)

Every time I write my aim is to give practical options for parents to try immediately. I love understanding the philosophy and theory of parenting BUT if it doesn’t translate to practical suggestions that can be used easily and quickly then I just get frustrated. These books won’t frustrate you rather they will equip you to be an even better parent.


Do you need the secrets to motivating your child?

Most parents have periods of time when their son or daughter is demotivated. They can struggle with school to the point where they avoid going. Some just don’t want to do their chores around the house but prefer to spend their time online or just playing games for hours on end. Don’t worry it’s normal AND help is at hand in 101 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Child. Your sanity can be restored in just a few minutes for less than 10 dollars

Packed with down to earth, practical tips you can use immediately covering
  • School
  • Learning Styles
  • Chores
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Goal Setting
  • Depression
  • And much, much more…

Get your copy today – available for immediate download.

101 Practical Ways To Motivate Your Child

Download price: $9.95      Printed Book: $20 +postage.

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Do You Know All The Facts About Online Stranger Danger?

These days our children would persuade us that they cannot possibly survive without a Facebook account – EVERYBODY is on Facebook, they cry. As parents we want them to be social but the online world can appear confusing to the point of being scary and unsafe. Facebook – friend or foe? provides some answers, practical tips and reassurances for you to safeguard your child’s privacy and provide the protection you need for their safety. Topics include:

  • Facebook basics
  • Issues beyond Facebook
  • 7 cyberbullying tips
  • 24 practical recommendations
  • Plus a glossary of online abbreviations.

All for less than $5. This information can be downloaded immediately, read in an evening and applied straight away. Your child’ safety could be at stake – buy it now.

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

Download Price: $4.95      Printed Book: $10 (or 2 for $15) +postage.

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Could your child be the victim of a cyber bully?

89% of online teens have witnessed someone being mean or cruel online while 15% of them have been personally targeted. That’s a lot of people – do you know FOR CERTAIN that it doesn’t include your son or daughter? Cyberbullying continues into the “real” world too with  13% of victims being nervous about going to school the next day. That’s because 25% of issues have escalated into a face to face argument  and 8% ended in a physical fight! This book details the signs to look out for to know if your child is experiencing difficulties online AND what to do about it

  • 6 signs to look out for
  • 4 key safety recommendations
  • What to do it you suspect they are at risk
  • How to approach and involve the school
  • 9 practical things for your child to do

Cyberbullying – how to spot it and stop it can be downloaded immediately, read in an evening and you can start protecting your family straight away AND it is less that $5 – buy it now!


Download Price: $4.95      Printed Book: $10 (or 2 for $15) +postage.

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What to do BEFORE and AFTER the school calls to say your child has been bullying?

For every child that is bullied there is at least one bully – indeed victims often bully someone else. Every bully has a parents/carer and many of those are shocked when school calls. What will you say when the principal phones to say your child is suspended for bullying at school? Or if it is the police knocking on your door? Is my child a bully? – how to cope and what to do has the answers to these questions but also helps to discover if your child could be bullying BEFORE you get the call AND shows you what to do to stop them. Topics include:

  • 6 reasons why kids bully in the first place
  • 6 signs to look out for
  • How to respond to the call
  • What are your next steps
  • How to provide ongoing support

Full of case studies and examples. It can be downloaded immediately, read in an evening and either reassure you that your child isn’t a bully OR begin to help them stop straight away. Buy it now!

Is My Child A Bully?

Download Price: $4.95

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