Case Studies


Sometimes it is helpful to read a case study to give you a better understanding of the benefits available when you work with Nigel – here are a few for you to look over.

Peter, Angela and their son Jason (15) Nigel met Peter and Angela about 6 months after they had moved to the area as they were considering moving Jason (their 15 year old son) to a different school. The original move to the area hadn’t gone too well with Jason beginning to show frequent signs of anxiety. As the new boy he had suffered from bullying which escalated into a serious assault. Peter and Angela knew something had to be done but needed the next transition to go well …. more

Matthew (19) Mum and Step-Dad. Matthew was angry with the world but especially with Mum and her husband (Matt didn’t get on that well with his biological Dad either). He had left school and was lazing around the house, not really putting much effort into looking for a job which created some tension in the home (to say the least). Mum was often caught in the middle between her husband and her son – the two men she loved. ….. more

School and the Pinnacle Program. Generally speaking the school is a good one – well respected in their community for both their academic achievements and their pastoral care. There are disciplinary issues and demotivated students and they were the reason Nigel ran a Pinnacle Program. ….more


Peter, Angela and their son Jason (15) ….. They needed the next transition to go well to ensure Jason’s mental well-being. It was decided that Nigel should meet Jason, with Mum and Dad, at a local cafe (Jason ordered milkshake and chocolate cake from memory). After a short time the parents left and Jason told Nigel his story.

Jason started his new school – cautiously, almost scared, started to make connections which developed into friends. in the early days he would often send Nigel a text message at around 7am to say he couldn’t make it to school – he was just too uptight. A text in reply or a phone call from Nigel never failed to help Jason over the morning hurdle.

In fact Jason never missed a school day through anxiety for the remaining 2 years of his high school education. Admittedly there were some close calls and tense conversations but a confident young man is now able to begin his university life knowing he has the courage to face his issues and win.

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Matthew (19) Mum and Step-Dad …. Mum was often caught in the middle between her husband and her son – the two men she loved.

A passing conversation with a friend informed her of Nigels’ existence – so she called him. Initially Matthew wasn’t interested in meeting this ‘random guy’ but things got so bad that Mum made it happen.

Matt and Nigel met regularly and gradually a change took place. Matt’s anger became channeled into forgiveness and understanding. In turn this allowed Matt to see himself differently and he began a serious job search. A positive spin off was that he decided he would like a girlfriend – a first for him at 19 years old.

Today Matthew is employed – full time in a secure position. He owns a vehicle and lives out of home in a shared house with another guy. Nigel gets an occasional text with an update plus he and Matt are friends on Facebook. And I think he’s now on girlfriend number 3 and it’s looking quite serious – he’s back in regular contact with Dad too.

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School and the Pinnacle Program.…8 year 10 boys were selected and after an explanation of the course to the students and letters were sent home to parents, they all accpted the request to join. Over the coming weeks the students learnt how to communicate better with staff, saw how their daily actions affected their long term future, increased their emotional intelligence and the awareness of others. They verbalised their dreams and set some long terms goals. They had fun doing so too.

Not all of them stayed and completed year 12 – 2 left to start apprenticeships at the end of their Pinnacle year. Equally they didn’t immediately become model students and hand all their assignments in on time. But the quality of their education improved, they had greater respect for the school and staff, less time in detention. Staff and parents were all pleased with the progress and outcomes.

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