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  Self harming is the name given to when one deliberately inflicts injuries unto himself/herself. This practice is common amongst teenagers and young adults, many of whom sees this as the only way to cope with the problems that are so distressful they may otherwise lead to suicide. The burning, cutting or whatever method they […]

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How to Look On The Bright Side of Your Child’s Bad Behavior

Sometimes it takes a little imagination to be able to look at the bright side of bad behavior. But in many cases, the naughty things our toddlers and preschoolers do demonstrate that they’ve hit a new ability or understanding and are showing it off—inappropriately, but showing it off all the same. So whether your child’s […]

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7 Tips if your Child is the Bully

A bully is a parent’s worst nightmare. Nothing gets us as anxious and torn as seeing our young, vulnerable children afraid to go out because some bully is being mean, or worse yet, beating up on our children. We can only plan for this eventuality and devise various scenarios of what we would do should […]

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Why All The Anger?

Stuart came to chat because he felt he was getting more angry more often and he didn’t like it. Tiny insignificant things would set him off and it would take him a long time to calm down and gain equilibrium. Of course it affected his relationships – both his mum and his girlfriend were over […]

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