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Keeping Them Safe on the Internet

Since the advent of the internet and the increased popularity of its usage in everyday life, many have discovered its potential harm to children. If you want to protect your children from the negative aspects of the internet, you should set rules and guidelines. It is unreasonable to ban them from the use of the […]

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Facebook – friend or foe?

  Below is the transcript of the video. Hi, my name’s Nigel Lane from And today I want to talk to you about Facebook. Facebook is fascinating. When you talk to parents, they come from both sides of the spectrum.  One parent will say, “Oh yeah, I’m on it. I love it. I can […]

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Can we really trust a smartphone to our children?

A recent news story reported that 35% of 8 to 11 year olds now own a mobile phone. One parent said that it provided peace of mind knowing they could contact their child – and of course that their child could make contact with them. Whilst I can totally follow the logic it makes me […]

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Anti Bullying Week 2013

Each year there is a week specifically designated as “Anti Bullying Week’ and in 2013 the week is in November. Whilst, of course, every week needs to be anti bullying it is still good to designate a co-ordinated anti bullying week when organisations – schools, youth groups, parent bodies and students – can put a […]

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When X became XXX – the high price of sexting

There has been controversy in the cast of the X Factor in Australia over the last few days. According to the media one of the contestants was involved in an unofficial twitter chat session. During that time he reportedly asked someone to send him inappropriate photos of herself. The result was that Josh was disqualified […]

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