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The Top Ten Problems Students Asked For Help With

For many years my work included talking to young people and helping them with their issues in life. I worked in a variety of schools (government, independent, faith-based) predominantly with students of high school age. Reflecting back over that time these are the main problems they wanted to talk about – not in any specific […]

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4 Warning Signs Your School Wellbeing Policies Don’t Cut It

Your school’s policies and procedures (not just those based on wellbeing) will reflect your (or your predecessor’s) views on their purpose. If they are based on the concept that they are a necessary evil then they may be minimal, hidden, and out of date. If originally they were written to “cover your back” then they […]

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Just who exactly controls our schools?

  The seems to be a power struggle going on in our schools – one that could have far reaching implications for every family and every principal. It looks like the state government will need to play the role of umpire and I guess your happiness about that may well depend on your politics. So […]

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The Lucky Country? What is luck anyway?

As my regular readers will know I am a recent immigrant (from the UK) to Australia , The Lucky Country. I arrived in 1999 to take up residence and don’t regret it at all. However, the concept of it being The Lucky Country just challenges me to think through the whole idea of luck to […]

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Can we Really Trust NAPLAN when Choosing a School ?

Here in Australia the Federal Government have updated the MySchool website with the 2012 NAPLAN results. Before I explain and discuss this let me first of all explain exactly what I am talking about. NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. It is an annual test taken by every grade 3, 5, […]

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