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Well Motivated Children Give You More

Everyone wishes that their child will be the most skillful, organized, well mannered and disciplined child. There is no harm to wish for such traits, in your child, but you need to be a conscientious parent, if you wish to bring out the best in your child. Every child is well equipped with all the […]

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Instilling Organization in Your Child’s Life

Time management will always be a necessary life skill no matter how old you are. Scheduling, planning, and keeping appointments are just a few of the elements that go in to managing your time. Teaching children at an early age the importance of this attribute will only help them to be more prepared for the […]

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Helping your Child with Goal Setting

It is important that children learn from an early age the importance of goal setting. Achieving goals can help children to solve problems and teach them how to deal with everyday situations. You can set goals like getting your child to save a specific sum every month or getting higher grades in school, or even […]

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Cultivating Your Teen Girl’s Self-Esteem

  Helping your teenage girl develop a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem might just be one of the best things you can ever do for her. The reasons might surprise you. A recent study showed that almost 1 in 3 teens who are in a relationship report some sort of abuse, be it sexual, […]

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Aspergers Syndrome – a life or death issue?

A few weeks ago there was a tragic news story of a young man who killed 7 people – including himself. It appeared that everything has been well thought out and planned to the extent he had written a 140 page ‘manifesto’ as well as posting a video on you tube. As you may recall […]

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