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Education is vital to your child’s development, so choosing the right school for your child is of paramount importance. Every parent wants their children to develop into wholesome individuals who are more than capable both academically and socially. Your child’s attitude and limitations are important factors when determining what school to choose. There are three […]

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Puberty Explained

Somehow the dictionary definition doesn’t seem to do the experience justice. “Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child’s body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction. ” For those of us working with young people the definition seems so sterile, so logical and so easy. But the experience is […]

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Welcome to 2015 School Year

Welcome back and welcome to the 2015 school year. I trust that you had a great break and rested well because – as you will know if you have been in school for a while – each year brings it’s challenges and excitements. So, by the time you read this, your show will truly be […]

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Teachers and the Dreaded Facebook

We have all now come to understand that social media is here to stay. Of course there are widely differing views on its efficacy that challenge whether it is required or not, but nevertheless it is now part of modern life. Along with its introduction and growth come a wide range of opinions and questions […]

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When Should A School Stop Caring?

There have been many discussions, at both a strategic and an individual student level, about when the school should stop providing the primary care. It was completely understandable that a number of staff felt the whole discussion was wrong, that no student could ever have an issue that the school wasn’t prepared to handle. I […]

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