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Keeping Them Safe on the Internet

Since the advent of the internet and the increased popularity of its usage in everyday life, many have discovered its potential harm to children. If you want to protect your children from the negative aspects of the internet, you should set rules and guidelines. It is unreasonable to ban them from the use of the […]

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  Self harming is the name given to when one deliberately inflicts injuries unto himself/herself. This practice is common amongst teenagers and young adults, many of whom sees this as the only way to cope with the problems that are so distressful they may otherwise lead to suicide. The burning, cutting or whatever method they […]

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Teenage Depression And Its Causes

Undoubtedly, teenage years are the most vulnerable and tumultuous period where the transition from childhood to adulthood happens over some years. Teenagers experience physical and emotional problems, the most common being ‘depression’. Depression is a clinical disorder where the teenager experiences changes in thoughts and behavior, extreme levels of dissatisfaction and frustration, and remains unaware […]

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Cultivating Your Teen Girl’s Self-Esteem

  Helping your teenage girl develop a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem might just be one of the best things you can ever do for her. The reasons might surprise you. A recent study showed that almost 1 in 3 teens who are in a relationship report some sort of abuse, be it sexual, […]

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When Should A School Stop Caring?

There have been many discussions, at both a strategic and an individual student level, about when the school should stop providing the primary care. It was completely understandable that a number of staff felt the whole discussion was wrong, that no student could ever have an issue that the school wasn’t prepared to handle. I […]

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