Choosing a high school

What criteria do you find most important when choosing the high school your son/daughter attends. I have come up with a few ideas but you may have more.

To make it easiest – which would be the top 3 considerations [either from the list below or your own list]

  • Geography – how close it is to where you live?
  • Curriculum – do they offer that something extra – great music program, top class sports etc?
  • Reputation – how important is it that you know someone that speaks highly about the school?
  • Pastoral care – how relevant is it that the school has a welfare134091137 team, wellbeing workers, chaplains, counsellors – that type of service?
  • Academics – do you check the ATAR scores and the NAPLAN results?
  • School visit – do you ask for a tour of the school and try and pick up a sense of the atmosphere?
  • Friendship groups – do you send your child to the same school that their friends are going to minimise the social upheaval?
  • Fees – does it really matter how much they charge?

What do you reckon ? Leave your comment below.

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