Guest Bloggers

I realise that many of my readers are highly capable wellbeing workers in school every day and that they have plenty of things to say, unique viewpoints and a wealth of wisdom. Over coming months I am keen to allow them to use this blog as a method of sharing these thoughts with a wider audience.

If you would like to submit some musings for future inclusion please complete the contact form with either your submission or just to discuss your submission and ask for any further information.

Submission guidelines are simple:

300-500 words on a topic of interest to school well being workers. Parents also read this blog so be mindful of their interested too.

Of course I reserve the right to not publish but I won’t use that right if you disagree with my views. I am a big boy, I can cope with people thinking differently to me.

If you are published you can choose to have your name / contact details made public or remain private.