How Nigel works

On this page we’ll tell you the kind of results you can achieve, the approaches he uses and in what ways Nigel is unique.

Expected Results

  • Schools that work with Nigel can expect a higher level of parent involvement and engagement. A greater sense of a team approach to their students’ education
  • Parents will have a toolbox of practical motivational methods at their fingertips. They will feel empowered and equipped to get their child on the move again.
  • Young people won’t just have a career option but a 1,3 and 5 year plan to make it a reality. Plus a greater understanding of who they are and what makes them tick
  • Everyone who attends Nigel’s seminar about online safety and/or purchases one of his booklets will feel better equipped to face the online challenges of today’s world. students

Nigel’s approach is based on:

  • Every young person is precious. From time to time certain young people react negatively to the stresses of life – some say they “do stupid stuff”. Even so, they are human beings of immense value and probably just need an extra arm around their shoulder.
  • Parenting isn’t always easy. in fact it seems that parenting is becoming more complex every generation. “When I was their age…” life was easier (different but not as stressed). Getting help is no longer a sign of weakness but quite the opposite.
  • Society places a (too?) high demand on schools. Of course education is a school’s primary concern but they also need to be social workers, counsellors, advisors and sometimes substitute parents. Teachers are expected to perform beyond their original training – hence the need to bring in outside experts.

Bottom line is that Nigel cares. You are more important than any preconceived programs. They will provide a framework but your unique needs are paramount. You will feel accepted, listened to, valued and served well.

What Makes Nigel Unique?

Nigel’s 20 years of full time work with young people has given him a depth of knowledge of what makes young people tick. Coupled with the fact that he still feels 15 years old on the inside enables him to connect well with young and old alike.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect and his approach, next go to the services page to learn about the specific services and programs on offer.