How To Access Secret Power

There was an interesting incident at a sporting event in Melbourne last week. The sport was AFL (Australian Football) and the incident was a 13 year old girl using her secret power – but in the wrong way.

We all have this power and we all use it every day – but most of the time we don’t even recognise its strength, potency and far reaching consequences.

I am talking about the power of our words. It has been written that the power of life and death is in our tongue – and I have met many young people who have been hurt and rejected by the words people have spoken to them or about them. The old child’s nursery rhyme just isn’t true – of course sticks and stones will hurt your bones but names do hurt. And once they have been said (or written) it can be impossible to get them back.

I am reminded of a story my wife read many years ago. A woman had come to apologise for some gossip she had been spreading about a man. He accepted her apology and asked if she would do something for him – of course she said yes. He went and got a feather pillow, cut it open and shook the pillow in the street. He then asked her to pick up the feathers – which, by this time, had blown in the wind. She said it would be impossible. He quietly pointed out that it is impossible to get all our words back too and her gossip will have spread far and wide – just like the feathers.


So – today, why not use the secret (well not so secret now) power of your words in a positive way. Find someone and give them a compliment, something that will boost their confidence. Tell someone you love them, that you are proud of them, that you care about them.

Positive words build people up which is infinitely better than saying negative words to pull them down. So before you write that comment on their Facebook wall – think! Will this help them? Will it make me look bad?


Choosing your words carefully can make a difference too as this video shows: The Power of Words

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  • Mandy

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts. The metaphor of the feather pillow is great–I’ll remember it.

    It can be great to go out and about with the intention of using positive words. I’ve done this when I have a bunch of errands to run. I try and say something positive to everyone I interact with as I visit the post office, make a deposit at the bank, do my grocery shopping, etc. I have a much better day when I do this–people return the positive words and feelings, and we all feel better for it.

    I also like to do this in writing by sending thank you notes, sometimes on paper and sometimes via email. It really does make a big difference to take a moment to say or write something positive to someone.

  • So can you post a link to that story about the girl, you’ve got me curious to know what happened now?

    In speaking about the power of words, I actually had an epiphany just yesterday while watching some random reality TV show. The gentleman being interviewed said: Loose lips sink ships and boy did that ever resound loudly for the first time in my life. You see, I talk a lot, love the sound of my own voice, and I entertain like nobody’s business but I also put my foot in my mouth more often than I care to count. It’s not only embarrassing for me, but for my wife who usually walks away mumbling something about not “being with him”.

    From this point forward am going to do my best to stay quiet and listen for a decade or two and see how that works for me in comparison.