How to Get a Part Time Job (or help your child earn their OWN money!) 

There are several steps to getting a part time job and there is a lot of information about resume writing available both online and in school but many advisors miss what I consider to be the vital first step that if missed will delay your job by days, weeks or even months. In some cases it will mean that you don’t get a part time job at all.


That first step is to make a decision. Many young people I speak with seem to think that a decision means that they have decided to ‘look for a part time job’ – I don’t think that decision is good enough. Is not enough to decide that they need a part time job or even to think through why. The decision they need to make is that 104768513 they are ‘going to GET a part time job’.


Yes, there is a difference. James came to see me in (his) year 10 and he wanted a part time job. He wanted the money to feed his music habit. He was wanting to get in a band and had a list of ‘must have’ music equipment. BUT he lived a way out of town, had very few employability skills, needed parents to drive him to work AND there we no jobs around (as you will imagine they were his thoughts and not mine). Therefore he had concluded that whilst he WANTED a job there was no way he was going to GET one.


Simply put, James had to change his mind. We talked, he decided and two weeks later he started work in a job that he kept until after the end of year 12. He still lived way out of town, hadn’t developed many skills and his mum still drives him to work and whilst there may not have been many jobs around he only needed one!


I am not necessarily saying that the decision made a job magically appear rather that making a decision focused James mind and efforts into making it happen. He approached potential employers with a different attitude, with more confidence, expectant and that alone will have made him more attractive an employee.


If you need help with resumes, and what to practically do to get a job then drop a comment below or email me (see the contact tab) – if you are struggling to make a decision then I can help you there too. I can even provide training in Vocational Preparation – and eligible candidates may attract government funding.


Oh, and by the way, making a decision in any aspect of life is the first step to making it happen (keep reading my blog and there will be more on this topic over time).

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