I am confused about Valentine’s Day.

I am the first to put up my hand and admit I can see what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be – but my confusion comes about because it doesn’t live up to it’s promise.

It is supposed to celebrate love but for many teenagers it isn’t a celebration at all. Of course if you are in a relationship then it is a great opportunity to spend money (don’t start me on the commercialisation and rip-offs that abound) to show your girlfriend/boyfriend how much you care. You Valentinecould go out for a meal, or a walk, or buy flowers, or a Tiffany gift.

But what about those that aren’t in a relationship – for them the day is more about self-worth and self-esteem than it is about love. Of course it is a fun time to drop an anonymous card in the post, or in the letter box or in the locker at school – giving cards is part of the fun. But what if you don’t get any? That’s when our minds start to talk to ourselves and remind us of all the negative stuff – it’s the way we look, it’s the way we act, it’s the glasses, it’s the …. (fill in the blank). It concludes with “no-one will ever love/marry/want to be with me”.

I don’t think I am anti Valentines Day but neither am I a fan. Maybe I just see the pain more than I see the joys.

(By the way – in my dusty hard drive I have found a “Guide to Boosting your Self Esteem” – if you would like a copy for yourself or for someone you know or just to have on hand let me know by commenting below)

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