I was bored so ….

Recently the Fraser Coast Chronicle wrote an article about a bored Hervey Bay teenagers who broke a shop window “for fun because he was bored” (You can read the article here).

Whilst I don’t want to comment on the specific teenager it does raise the broader question of boredom and fun. It also raises bigger questions like juvenile justice and future ambitions.

I have tried to recall a time when I felt bored and I have to go back at least 30 years – by which time my memory fades. I have so many next actions (GTD fans will get that reference), a list of projects to work on, goals and ambitions to achieve that I certainly don’t have any room for boredom.

Of course that doesn’t mean its all work and no play (that might make me a dull boy) but equally I have a different view of fun than pushing a shopping trolley through a shop window.

127011972I suspect that if you don’t know where you are heading then what to do on the way doesn’t matter.

Young people need people to spend time with them looking into their future and considering their ideal life – yes it will include career options but it needs to be more far reaching than just employment.

When we have purpose, meaning and a vision for our life that leads to action steps which eliminates boredom.

If anyone knows a teenager who needs a helping hand to create a vision for their life I am offering (free of charge) a spot in my diary for that to happen. Just comment below or email me with your details to help me decide who to help. (This offer closes one month from today).

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