Jimmy Savile did what ….???

As an Englishman I had certainly heard of and watched Jimmy Savile – I was 20 years old when Jim’ll Fix It began to be shown on national TV so I used to watch that program with my children. Hearing the current revelations and police investigations into his behaviour is shocking. It is the realisation that someone you used to look up to and admire wasn’t the person you thought him to be. It also refocuses our mind on the ongoing issue of children and young people at risk. In Australia (2007-08) there were 195,387 notifications of an allegation of child abuse or neglect (children up to the age of 17). Of those notifications 93,384 resulted in investigations and 32,098 were substantiated. That equates to 6.5 substantiations per 1,000 children (source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Child Protection Data Collection) 

One is too many.
This resulted in 31,166 children in out of home care as at June 30 2008 – staying with relatives, in foster care or in residential care.
Child abuse comes in different forms and can affect the young person well into their adult life. As recent media have reported, some people keep their abuse secret until wel into their adult life and when one person stands up it gives courage t other victims to tell their story. Currently the are over 300 people who have mplicated Jimmy Savile and their experiences are being investigated.
Emotional Abuse – psychological and social aspects of child abuse is one of the main causes of harm to abused children.
Neglect – not providing sufficient food, access to medical care, inadequate supervision, ensuring school attendance are examples of neglect.
Physical Abuse – including domestic violence
Sexual Abuse – when an adult engages a child in a sexual act or exposes them to inappropriate sexual behaviour or material.

The percentage of primary substantiations n Australia in 2008-09 were:

Emotional abuse – 39%
Neglect – 29%
Physical abuse – 22%
Sexual abuse – 10%

One is too many. 

If you suspect someone you know is being abused you must report it. In Australia the Department of Human Services are tasked with investigating these matters and they would much prefer to be informed of a suspicion as early as possible as that may prevent further abuse. In Victoria place a cal to the Child Protection Crisis Line on 13 12 78 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week – toll free).
Do that and you may well save a life from further trauma.

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