Let’s eliminate young people’s potential

There are many variants in the definition of the word potential but my ‘favourite’ is ‘currently unfulfilled capacity’. In physics it is referred to as stored energy. I hope this blog post will encourage you to help your child realise their potential.

I admit to having a personal interest. Many years ago my wife and I were invited to join a training group in our church. There were maybe 10 couples involved in the program and during one of the session the church leader went round the group identifying the area that he believed they would be used in. That is until he came to my wife and I. He said that at that stage he wasn’t sure where we would fit but that we had ‘potential’. From that day, over 20 years ago, I have rarely used the word and never in a positive way.

I much prefer that the potential energy in your child become kinetic energy. Energy that is possessed by an object because of its motion.

If we see that our child has the potential to be a concert pianist [to 101392196chose an example] then we need to motivate them to release the potential and actually become that pianist. If they are a potential grade A student then help them to use up all of their stored energy and make the A grades a reality. If a teacher, or a coach, or a scout leader ever says to you that your son/daughter has potential then I would suggest you ask them potential for what. Then quickly follow up with asking them how they are working with them to release their potential and reach the target that they believe is possible.

Potential, stored energy needs to be released to have the desired effects and progress them to become the best person they can be

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