My Merry Christmas (and its credit card)


Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas to everyone. It certainly is a very interesting time of the year, a classic case of a tradition that is continued with some (most?) people ignoring its origins. The advertisers have tried with slogans like “Jesus is the reason for the season” and “A God is for life not just for Christmas”. For many others Christmas includes their ritual church visit – Christmas Eve for some Christmas morning for others. It’s main focus seems to be on gifts and food these days.

A few years ago I was driving, listening to the radio (as I used to do back then) and I heard the voice of a teenage girl talking to her mother on the phone. She was explaining that she couldn’t come home. She didn’t feel safe while he was still in the house. Mum pleaded but Mum understood. The call was a real tear jerker and it cost me money. It turns out the radio phone call was actually an advert for the British charity NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and they were seeking donations for their work – I was hooked. I pulled over, pulled out my wallet and phoned them to make a donation. Now, please, understand me I am not saying this to boast or explain how good I am but rather to ask you a question, make you a challenge even.

The question/challenge is this. Can you find someone or some organisation that would benefit from a gift this Christmas time – a gift of your time, your expertise, your credit card?

I trust that you have an enjoyable Christmas and an amazing 2013 (in case I don’t write again next week) and that you will have the joy of giving to friends, family and someone in need.

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  • Clayton Stevens

    Imagine Christmas morning. Smell of fresh roasted coffee, baked bread, and an aroma of Christmas cookies. Christmas carols playing on the radio.

    • Nigel

      A great word picture, Clayton – I wish everyone could experience those smells and sounds at Christmas.

      Thanks for sharing.