My Psychological Doppelganger

I realise that I am more than mixing metaphors in the title of this post, I am completely messing with an idea and probably losing its point. Let me explain – I understand a doppelganger is someone that looks just like you – your identical twin, your double (or close).

Well I have met someone who has had a very similar life to me, although they look nothing like me physically, which is probably due to the almost 40 years age difference.

My father died when I was 8 – their mother died when they were 7. My mother remarried and I had (Jim recently died) a step father; he has a step mother. I didn’t cry until I was 17 – he still hasn’t “cried properly”. He has HUGE questions about God – “why did He let my mother die” etc – very similar questions that I have asked in my youth.

Our meeting was surreal to me. Of course I have no real idea what he was thinking or feeling about these things. I think it’s a serious risk of assuming that they feel the same as I do or did. However I was able to empathise and could at least understand the size of the issue.

Did I have answers to his questions? No – not at all. But what constantly amazes me is that he felt better for the chat and wants to meet again every week or so for the near future.

I guess a listening ear is like a medicine.

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