Nigel does some of his finest work with parents, many times he both reassures them that  their teen is normal in lots of ways plus he gives them skills and tips to make life easier for all the family. Coaching takes a look where you would like to be (in your relationship with your son/daughter for example) and identifies the gap between there and where you are right now. Once this gap has been identified coaching creates an action plan to bridge the gap.


Coaching for Parents

can cover a wide range of issues, some would be:

  • demotivation at school and around the home.
  • communication may have broken down or become very difficult.
  • trouble with the police can provide great strain on the whole family.
  • relationships and friendships that are not what you would want for them.
  • helping them through divorce and separation and the difficult times that creates.

Alternatively you may be keen for your son/daughter to receive some coaching to help them through some issues. As above, the topics could be as broad as the problems people face. Hoever, they may benefit from a specific program Coaching Young People for Success.

Coaching Young People for Success

consists of 3 modules designed to assist your child to create an inspiring and personalised career, life and school performance pathway plan – from the inside out.

They will design their own inspiring plan that matches their vision, values and preferred lifestyle and create their own tailor made school performance plan that will include the steps they need to take to maximise their success.

They will complete their individual worksheet by taking the 5 P.O.W.E.R. coaching steps:

  1. Possibilities – imagine the possibilities for their career/life/school performance.
  2. Organised – establish a plan, identify priority areas and set performance goals.
  3. Willpower – assess their level of motivation and develop the willpower to do what it takes.
  4. Emotional skills – identify potential blockers to moving ahead, build emotional skills and learn how to get support.
  5. Results – ensure the results by designing their own action steps and plan.

The modules can be delivered independently or as part of a sequence. They are motivated  to take responsibility for their own life and learning and can be reviewed throughout the year in setting their goals as each step is reached.

The telephone (or Skype) is the way that most coaching is delievered with a weekly connection of about 45 minutes duration. Usually 3 months sees such a dramatic improvement that regular coaching can be scaled back to once a month and then once every 3 months. This isn’t a fixed term thing and things can sometimes happen a lot more quickly. In the case of Coaching Young People for Success the process can be completed in 1 month with a monthly follow up for a period of time. Nigel doesn’t demand a contract or a fixed term and you can cancel at any time.

The best first step is to contact Nigel to talk about your specific circumstances – call him on 0412 971933 or email him here.