Post Mother’s Day Reflections

Yesterday (as I write this) was Mother’s Day down under and the ‘right thing’ was both done and was enjoyable. We went out for a family meal with 3 generations of motherhood represented in the total of eight people at the table. Now that the excitement has settled, the bill about to be paid and a new day begins I have reflected a little.

This last 12 months has been a big one in terms of Mothers. My youngest daughter became a mother for the first time (our first Aussie grandchild – we have 4 in the UK) in January. At the other end of the spectrum my 116372991mum passed away since last Mother’s Day – so no overseas phone call made. All in all a BIG year motherwise.

In all my years of working with young people I have been convinced that the relationship between a mother and her child is both precious and highly significant. In some ways if a father goes out of a young person’s life it is not as traumatic as when a mother does. Somehow Mum is always expected to be there whatever happens, whatever their son (or daughter of course) gets up to.

I clearly remember a conversation I had with Mrs Entwistle as she continuously visited her son Kevin in Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institution where I worked as a chaplain. Kevin had been sent there on a few occasions (and he wasn’t yet 21)and without fail, every two weeks, his mother would visit. One time I asked her why she did it, how she could still persevere and her answer was as simple as it was profound. “Because I am his mother”.

Made me think that mothers:

  • love their child even if they don’t like their behaviour
  • are humans so they are allowed their own mistakes
  • can, but shouldn’t, be taken for granted
  • don’t do it for the thanks – but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate when we take the time to say it

So, I want to say thanks to my Mum for loving me through it all, for being a fan of mine and I hope you knew how much I appreciated you even though I didn’t always acknowledge that you:

  • taught me
  • nurtured me
  • trained me in the way that I should go

My suggestion? don’t wait until next Mother’s day (or her birthday) to say thanks, to give a present, to show you appreciate. There is something special about ‘an unexpected gift at an unexpected time‘.

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