Originally schools were designed as a place where our children could receive a good education. Nowadays MUCH more is expected of them. Staff now perform many more roles. They regularly advise students on careers, health, relationships. They mediate to resolve arguments. They motivate those who are disinterested. They are asked to provide parenting advice. PLUS teaching standards and requirements are constantly being raised.

Schools can’t always do this on their own. students

Nigel has been working with schools, parents and young people for over 20 years. He has worked both full time and part in school as well as being a visiting specialist. Whilst Nigel can support you in many ways his “regular” topics include:

Cybersafety – Nigel is a published author in this field having written two books: “Facebook – friend or foe?” and “Cyberbullying”. He has developed a range of engaging, interactive presentations and has worked with students (primary and secondary), staff and parents. Nigel understands the complexity created by most cyberbullying incidents taking place outside school hours plus the potential issues created by staff:student online interactions. He has developed a framework/template to assist schools in creating their own cybersafety policies.

Student Engagement – Nigel’s extensive experience of 20 years of working with young people – both insude and outside of school – has given him a unique insight into what motivates them. He has published a book fo parents “101 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Child” – many of which work equally well in the classroom.

Nigel presents this information as Professional Development that can range from one to five hours. He also runs programs with disenfranchised students giving them skills that are immediately applicable to school and life.

Study Skills – All schools (if not all teachers in all schools) continually work to improve their student’s study skills. Not just as they approach their end of year exams but throughout the year.