Nigel offers a variety of talks and interactive programs designed to ultimately improve the lives of young people, their parents and their schools. The main areas are listed below but often a service can be tailor made to meet your specific needs.

In schools Nigel offers talks on a range of topics – either as parent seminars, professional development for teachers or coaching for students (in careers, study skills or life). More information can be found on the schools page.

For parents. Whilst Nigel is very able to work with groups of parents he finds that the majority of time he works on an individual family basis. For some it is specific coaching to help them motivate their son or daughter. Some are dealing with a troubled or angry teenager. Alternatively the parent of a gifted child wanting to explore their opportunities. More information can be found on the parents page.

For young people Nigel works with young people who find themselves at the bottom as well as those riding high (and all points in between!) Whether they need help in finding a career, have issues with negative behaviour, or have problem parents. If they need to improve their study skills or get more organised then Nigel has a program just for them. Find out more on the young persons page.