Sex Education – exactly whose job is it ?


A recent news article suggested that poor sex education was leaving some children clueless about the birds and the bees. [Read the article here]. I have to state right now, up front, that I don’t agree with that view. It assumes that if children don’t hear about sex in the classroom then they don’t hear at all – in my experience that is very far from the truth.

However it does raise a good question – who should educate our children about sex? The good answer to that good question is: the child’s parents. By all means allow the school to teach it too – but that should be confirmation of what the student has already been told at home.

I know (I can almost hear you saying it) – what about those kids without parents who are willing to talk about these things? And – do you realise how awkward it is? The first answer is that the parents need some guidelines (bookstores, libraries etc have these or feel free to email me and ask anything you like) and the second part – yes I do realise. I can still remember telling our children, and their reactions – but as they read this blog I won’t reveal the detail.

You see if we leave this delicate, personal, way more than biological topic to the government how will they allow for cultural, religious, personal differences of opinion? There is uproar in the UK right now where they have cartoon figures “chasing each other around a bedroom with a feather before having sex” – being shown to 8 year olds. [Read the article here].

It seems the topic is in the news across the world – see the Ugandan commentary. [Read the article here] They say that education can curb teen pregnancy – and I am all for that having spoken to more than one young person dealing with the issues of an unplanned (and sometimes unwanted) pregnancy.

What’s your view? As a parent did you tell them first or did they hear about sex from someone else? As a young person how did you find out? Comment below.

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      You’re welcome Derek and thanks for your kind words.