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Kevin Rudd Proves Young People can be Deep Thinkers.

Last week was an interesting one for Geelong as it included a visit from Kevin Rudd. For those non-Australians reading this, Kevin was a former Prime Minister and is quite the media celebrity. The interest was fuelled by ongoing speculation concerning the Labour Party leadership – but that isn’t the point of this blog. The […]

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Do you make this motivation mistake with your child?

Logical Consequences As you will know, motivation is a complex issue. It is complex even when we think of motivating ourselves when we have the benefit of knowing what we think as well as observing what we do. It becomes more complex when considering the motivation of someone else – in this case our child. […]

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Identical Twins? I don’t think so.

A short time ago I had a conversation with two young men (separately, not together) as they had been referred to me by their school. They were both demotivated, unfocussed, falling behind in their work and were a concern to both the school and their families. They are both the same age, 17, and both […]

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