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Mother looking over son's shoulder at homework, smiling

Helping your Child with Goal Setting

It is important that children learn from an early age the importance of goal setting. Achieving goals can help children to solve problems and teach them how to deal with everyday situations. You can set goals like getting your child to save a specific sum every month or getting higher grades in school, or even […]

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Thinking teenager

Your Children’s Concerns and Helping Them Overcome Fear

Raising children unfortunately doesn’t come with a manual and many times they need you emotionally more than anything else you can provide. Helping them overcome fear can be one of the biggest challenges a parent has to tackle in their child’s life. The manner in which the parent addresses the issue can be the key […]

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Talk Don’t Tell

    Video Transcript: You’ll hear me mention this a lot, about talking with your kids rather than telling your kids. And it’s sort of a mind shift, but if you tell them… I sort of envision it like this, you’re going “You. Will. Do. As.”… They actually use a similar gesture, except their finger’s […]

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Low Touch In A High Need World

My wife is a reader – I read too [well actually I now listen to more books than I read – but that is another story] – so she uses our local library. Earlier to day I went and picked up a book she had ordered and I realised that the whole process took place […]

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Facebook – friend or foe?

Stranger Danger. Twenty years ago, this phrase was meant to stop kids from talking to adults they didn’t know who approached them on the street, at home, or at school. Now  the strangers are coming into our houses, into our children’s room’s even, by the screen of a computer. As the popularity of Facebook and […]

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