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2013 Father’s Day was a Big One

It doesn’t take that much to put me in a reflective mood, so Father’s Day in and of itself gets me musing. Questions like – what makes a good dad? how do kids cope without one? what about the dads who don’t have access to their kids? what about the single mums who have to […]

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5 Habits You Wish Your Teen Would Develop

As children age, they develop their own personality and way of doing things. Sometimes they learn habits from their friends or family and sometimes they develop on their own. Teenagers often do not pay enough attention to their diet or health. They may be influenced by friends or society. Dads often wish they could mold […]

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Where did my Dad go?

Father’s Day is a day set apart to acknowledge the role of Dads in our lives. For me it bring s a mixed blessing. On the one hand it is a difficult day as my father died when I was just 8 years old, yet on the other it is a time to celebrate with […]

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