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Well Motivated Children Give You More

Everyone wishes that their child will be the most skillful, organized, well mannered and disciplined child. There is no harm to wish for such traits, in your child, but you need to be a conscientious parent, if you wish to bring out the best in your child. Every child is well equipped with all the […]

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Just be like everyone else !

Whether or not children should wear school uniforms is a hotly debated issue with arguments for and against. Some of the main ones in the ‘for’ camp are: Children perceive them as professional and are therefore more likely to work and not ‘play’ as they have been dressed to work. They promote good discipline. They […]

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Taking your Teen on Holiday

There comes a time when your teenager will no longer automatically want to go on the family holiday – the reasons and factors will vary but some important points your son/daughter will be weighing up are: Where are we going? The location will greatly determine their eagerness to come. There is no set standard – […]

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