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How To Access Secret Power

There was an interesting incident at a sporting event in Melbourne last week. The sport was AFL (Australian Football) and the incident was a 13 year old girl using her secret power – but in the wrong way. We all have this power and we all use it every day – but most of the […]

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Make your child bully proof

According to a recent news article “the majority of parents are worried their children will be bullied at school” I don’t agree! I reckon that if a parent was specifically asked the question “are you worried about …” then the majority might well answer yes – but I think that’s different to them actively worrying. […]

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Dads and Daughters Your role in your daughters life is made very significant because you are the first male that she will relate to and she will constantly be seeking your approval. Whenever possible you should encourage her in two main areas: skills and appearance. Take the time to go and watch her perform in […]

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