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The Long Walk to Freedom

This week is the first of a two week school holiday in Victoria, Australia and no doubt it will highlight the ongoing quest for freedom. Part of growing up is an increased independence which might look like the ability to go to town on their own or with a group of friends to stay home […]

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Can we really trust a smartphone to our children?

A recent news story reported that 35% of 8 to 11 year olds now own a mobile phone. One parent said that it provided peace of mind knowing they could contact their child – and of course that their child could make contact with them. Whilst I can totally follow the logic it makes me […]

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Would you prefer 50 cents or 500 bucks?

Just the other day I was talking to a young man who is on the edge of leaving school early. I don’t mean going home before lunch, I mean that his school is suggesting to him that he needs to change or he needs to change. [No that wasn’t a typographical error]. Let me explain. […]

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