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The Long Walk to Freedom

This week is the first of a two week school holiday in Victoria, Australia and no doubt it will highlight the ongoing quest for freedom. Part of growing up is an increased independence which might look like the ability to go to town on their own or with a group of friends to stay home […]

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Books I Have Published

I have published 3 books, all are available to buy in print or to download. (The links here are for the download versions – if you want the print version then send me your details)   Every time I write my aim is to give practical options for parents to try immediately. I love understanding […]

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How Nigel Works

On this page we’ll tell you the kind of results you can achieve, the approaches he uses and in what ways Nigel is unique. Expected Results Schools that work with Nigel can expect a higher level of parent involvement and engagement. A greater sense of a team approach to their students’ education Parents will have […]

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