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Success is Hard Work, But So Is Failure

Some people dream of success . . . while others wake up and work hard at it. – Author Unknown Just like every action has a consequence, inaction also brings about its own consequences. It may seem easier not to work on your goals and dreams and instead spend most of your time whinging about […]

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A to Z of Achieving Your Dream

This is the time of year when some have left their New Year’s Resolutions behind already but they still want to move forward this year. For others they are still working out what 2012 may hold for them. Today I would like to offer 26 thought starters to help you define and achieve your dreams […]

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What People Have Said About Nigel

Thanks for dropping by – the site is being developed right before your very eyes – however this page isn’t confident enough to show itself yet. Won’t be too long though. Thanks for your pateince.

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