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An unforgettable and please an unrepeatable day

As a youth worker I have been asked on more than one occasion to take part, lead even, the funeral of a departed grandparent. Jonathan wanted an outdoor service in Nan’s front garden with Aaron’s family taking a more conventional approach. Very occasionally [thankfully], I have attended and contributed to a young person’s funeral. However, […]

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Here are the details of some of the ways Nigel works with schools. Parenting Seminars – helping them to keep their children safe online (for example) Coaching Young People for Success – career, study and life coaching for individuals or groups (from individual classes to whole year levels) Teacher Professional Development – in house training […]

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Case Studies

Sometimes it is helpful to read a case study to give you a better understanding of the benefits available when you work with Nigel – here are a few for you to look over. Peter, Angela and their son Jason (15) Nigel met Peter and Angela about 6 months after they had moved to the […]

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