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Do Teenagers These Days Need a Life Coach?

Someone recently asked the question: do teenagers these days need a life coach? Interesting question that is actually 3 questions rolled into one. Let’s explore them together. Teenagers ‘these days‘ As many of you will know, if you use a phrase like ‘when I was your age…‘  it doesn’t matter what you say after that […]

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Here are the details of some of the ways Nigel works with schools. Parenting Seminars – helping them to keep their children safe online (for example) Coaching Young People for Success – career, study and life coaching for individuals or groups (from individual classes to whole year levels) Teacher Professional Development – in house training […]

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Nigel does some of his finest work with parents, many times he both reassures them that  their teen is normal in lots of ways plus he gives them skills and tips to make life easier for all the family. Coaching takes a look where you would like to be (in your relationship with your son/daughter […]

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