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Where are you heading?

Recently I met with a 16 year old girl who is trying to decide whether to prematurely end her time in high school [she has 1.5 years to go], to finish this year and defer her final year or to continue on and finish year 12 along with her peer group. That’s an easy decision […]

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Do Teenagers These Days Need a Life Coach?

Someone recently asked the question: do teenagers these days need a life coach? Interesting question that is actually 3 questions rolled into one. Let’s explore them together. Teenagers ‘these days‘ As many of you will know, if you use a phrase like ‘when I was your age…‘  it doesn’t matter what you say after that […]

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Would you prefer 50 cents or 500 bucks?

Just the other day I was talking to a young man who is on the edge of leaving school early. I don’t mean going home before lunch, I mean that his school is suggesting to him that he needs to change or he needs to change. [No that wasn’t a typographical error]. Let me explain. […]

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