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Can we really trust a smartphone to our children?

A recent news story reported that 35% of 8 to 11 year olds now own a mobile phone. One parent said that it provided peace of mind knowing they could contact their child – and of course that their child could make contact with them. Whilst I can totally follow the logic it makes me […]

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Sex Education – exactly whose job is it ?

A recent news article suggested that poor sex education was leaving some children clueless about the birds and the bees. [Read the article here]. I have to state right now, up front, that I don’t agree with that view. It assumes that if children don’t hear about sex in the classroom then they don’t hear […]

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Make your child bully proof

According to a recent news article “the majority of parents are worried their children will be bullied at school” I don’t agree! I reckon that if a parent was specifically asked the question “are you worried about …” then the majority might well answer yes – but I think that’s different to them actively worrying. […]

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