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Kevin Rudd Proves Young People can be Deep Thinkers.

Last week was an interesting one for Geelong as it included a visit from Kevin Rudd. For those non-Australians reading this, Kevin was a former Prime Minister and is quite the media celebrity. The interest was fuelled by ongoing speculation concerning the Labour Party leadership – but that isn’t the point of this blog. The […]

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Taken for Granted

About 25 years ago the primary school my children attended was 25 years old. The students were given a research project – to go home and find out what was not available 25 years earlier when the school was opened. I clearly remember their shock when they were informed we didn’t have video recorders, colour […]

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Not a Full Man !

Men, real men (so the popular theory goes) are able to fix things, even make things. They keep wood in their sheds in case they need it someday. They have toolboxes with tools in that they know the names of, what they are used for and actually know how to use them! Real men (so […]

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