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How do parents cope with exam stress?

  Well school holidays are over for Aussie students (well those in Victoria at least) and term 4 can only mean 1 thing – exams ! BIG ones for those in year 12 hoping to get an ATAR score that will put them in their university course of their dreams. But teachers seem to love […]

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Not a Full Man !

Men, real men (so the popular theory goes) are able to fix things, even make things. They keep wood in their sheds in case they need it someday. They have toolboxes with tools in that they know the names of, what they are used for and actually know how to use them! Real men (so […]

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5 benefits to your child when they engage in competitive sport

There is some discussion that children are joining competitive sports teams too early and that there can be too much pressure to win. However, most agree that children generally would benefit from increased exercise. Far too many children come home after sitting in school all day and either get on the computer or sit in […]

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