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Strategies to Help Get your Teen Out of Bed in the Morning

More times than not, teens have to be forced, coaxed and threatened to get out of bed in the mornings. Research indicates that teenagers need about as much sleep as babies. With the balancing of school, work, sports and friends, however, they don’t get as much time to sleep the days away. With the need […]

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Get rid of school anxiety once and for all

Does your child get stomach pains on school day mornings and ask to stay at home? Are their sleep patterns irregular when they have school the next day? Do they take so long to get ready in the morning that they can miss the bus? These are some of the signs that indicate your child […]

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A to Z of Achieving Your Dream

This is the time of year when some have left their New Year’s Resolutions behind already but they still want to move forward this year. For others they are still working out what 2012 may hold for them. Today I would like to offer 26 thought starters to help you define and achieve your dreams […]

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Back to School – 2

Well, how is it going? Have they begun to settle in? Of course if they come home and say everything is great then they are either young (don’t you just love the child’s acceptance and ability to look on the bright side) or they could not be telling you everything. I suggest that this weekend […]

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