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Aspergers Syndrome – a life or death issue?

A few weeks ago there was a tragic news story of a young man who killed 7 people – including himself. It appeared that everything has been well thought out and planned to the extent he had written a 140 page ‘manifesto’ as well as posting a video on you tube. As you may recall […]

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Anti Bullying Week 2013

Each year there is a week specifically designated as “Anti Bullying Week’ and in 2013 the week is in November. Whilst, of course, every week needs to be anti bullying it is still good to designate a co-ordinated anti bullying week when organisations – schools, youth groups, parent bodies and students – can put a […]

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Just be like everyone else !

Whether or not children should wear school uniforms is a hotly debated issue with arguments for and against. Some of the main ones in the ‘for’ camp are: Children perceive them as professional and are therefore more likely to work and not ‘play’ as they have been dressed to work. They promote good discipline. They […]

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