Taking your Teen on Holiday

There comes a time when your teenager will no longer automatically want to go on the family holiday – the reasons and factors will vary but some important points your son/daughter will be weighing up are:

  • Where are we going? The location will greatly determine their eagerness to come. There is no set standard – Water world = a definite winner or camping is a definite no no. It greatly depends on your child – but it plays a significant part in their thinking process.
  • Who is going? If they can bring a friend it will give bonus points – if that friend is their boyfriend/girlfriend then you could be onto a winner. (I am not saying you should do these things – just that the improve your chance of their willing attendance)
  • What will they avoid? Staying at home but with relatives could Teensinfluence them (either way depending on the discipline standard of the relative). If they come do they miss work or avoid homework?
  • Do they have a say in the activities? If they feel they have to go and have to do what you tell them then they won’t be quite as keen as if they feel involved in some of the decision making process. Remember they are striving for adulthood (and they may feel they are closer to achieving it then you do).
  • How are we going to get there? The 14 hour road trip no longer excites a young person. I-Spy games don’t cut it anymore and they might even get bored of their iPad and iPod – or even worse their battery might run out.

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