Teenage Depression And Its Causes


Undoubtedly, teenage years are the most vulnerable and tumultuous period where the transition from childhood to adulthood happens over some years. Teenagers experience physical and emotional problems, the most common being ‘depression’.

Depression is a clinical disorder where the teenager experiences changes in thoughts and behavior, extreme levels of dissatisfaction and frustration, and remains unaware of its repercussions. Globally, psychologists ponder over the causative factors of teenage depression. Some of the causes are given below:

  • Dysfunctional Home– wherein the teenager feels alienated and lack of communication simply plays havoc with mind.
  • Poor Performance- school combined with excessive academic expectation from parents.
  • Suffering from Long-Term Illness– lowering morale and confidence level leading to frustration and depression.
  • Significant Lose- losing a loved member of the family with whom the teenager shared a close relationship.
  • Breakdown of Romantic Relationship– lack of reconciliation with break-up leads to depression.
  • Sibling Rivalry- due to jealousy over preference of parents over one child over another.
  • Inability to Communicate Sexual Problems- unable or unwilling to communication with parents or other close confidantes also leads to depression.
  • Generational Depression- depression is a hereditary disease. Anybody having or has had depression problems can pass on the disease to next generation.
  • Unbalanced State of Mind- bouts of sadness and unhappy state of mind without any precise reason or factor leads to depression in teenagers later on in life.

Once the causative factors are apprehended by parents especially, it becomes easier to recognize symptoms of depression in a teenager and look for treatment.